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  Dr Mohammad M.H

  • MD Degree graduated from SBMU   
  • Medical council of CANADA eligible physician 
  • Certificate of Aesthetic procedures 
  • DHA / MOH  licenced physician 
  • Years experience Dermatology and Aesthetic field 
  • Researcher and Writer of  Medical books and articles 

As a dedicated aesthetic physician, I bring a symphony of art and science to each treatment, ensuring every patient’s journey is both transformative and deeply personal. My extensive certifications across a broad spectrum of aesthetic techniques are a testament to my commitment to excellence and innovation in the field. With each gentle touch, I strive not only to enhance natural beauty but to nurture confidence and well-being, crafting a unique experience that resonates with the innermost desires of those I serve

do not hesitate to contact me if you have any question or need any medical or consult . 

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